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Last additions
VW354 viewsMy Personal favorite a nicely restored VW BugJan 27, 2008
He Fits262 viewsJake thought it was kool to be under the truck!Jan 27, 2008
Jake's Favorate259 viewsJake finally leaving THE truck he came to seeJan 27, 2008
The Truck269 viewsJake wanted to look over the TRUCKJan 27, 2008
282 viewsanother well built Jan 27, 2008
Mustang293 viewsNot just a mustang but a Shelby Mustang.... and a racing version too!Jan 27, 2008
A Rat Rod351 viewsOne of the popular styles now Rat RodsJan 27, 2008
Car with a Spare316 viewsNicely matched car and bikeJan 27, 2008

Random files
040209 04 Completed Interior.jpg
02/09/04 Completed Interior88 views02/09/04 Completed Interior
Kerekes 43.JPG
43 - Passenger Upper Layout13 viewsThis shows the layout for the upper windwing mount hole on the passenger side. Note that "Point A" from the customer's car did not fall on the upper mount screw on my car. The balance of the lay out is similar to the driver side.
srp 17.jpg
SRP with his hood hinge and hoop130 viewsKen Pike (SRP) shows off his hood hinge and hoop design.
Kerekes 101.JPG
101 - Top cover, Rear View19 viewsThis shows the finished tp cover from the rear.
030816 14 rob and dad priming.jpg
08/16/03 Priming the body52 views08/16/03 Priming the body
020718 01 rear brake line.jpg
Brake Line running from Proportioning Valve to a77 viewsBrake Line running from Proportioning Valve to a "T" in the rear
41203 07.jpg
On the way to Knott's, 4/12/0334 viewsOn the way to Knott's, 4/12/03