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VW354 viewsMy Personal favorite a nicely restored VW BugJan 27, 2008
He Fits262 viewsJake thought it was kool to be under the truck!Jan 27, 2008
Jake's Favorate259 viewsJake finally leaving THE truck he came to seeJan 27, 2008
The Truck269 viewsJake wanted to look over the TRUCKJan 27, 2008
282 viewsanother well built Jan 27, 2008
Mustang293 viewsNot just a mustang but a Shelby Mustang.... and a racing version too!Jan 27, 2008
A Rat Rod351 viewsOne of the popular styles now Rat RodsJan 27, 2008
Car with a Spare316 viewsNicely matched car and bikeJan 27, 2008

Random files
dyno chart 3.jpg
Dyno sheet, 3/21/03264 viewsSo, here is the final HP tally. See attached dyno sheets. Per Dave at JBA:

"Max RWHP: 412 at 5300 RPM - calculated at flywheel 518 HP
Max RWTQ: 444 at XX00RPM - calculated at flywheel (TBD)
Timing - unknown

Dyno run stopped at peak HP (5300 RPM/101 MPH); car bounces too much
Good power - what kind of cam? good choice
Slightly retard timing and richen fuel mixture at max load per request"

It runs much better, and cleaner. Spins 'em up in 3rd gear very easy now - have to be very careful when romping on the gas above 3K RPM! The idle seems too low - about 600 RPM - but they say I should leave it there. I am pretty happy with it (even if I am a little short of my 550 HP target). I can always install a 12 lb. blower pulley later!
Kerekes 96.JPG
96 - Back Window Screen - Outside21 viewsThis shows the outside view of the screen with the window in place.
fuse box 3.jpg
Donor Carcus25 viewsDonor Carcus
732 viewsKwikLift after assembly.
Kerekes 114.JPG
114 - Window Latch Plates Mounted25 viewsThis view shows the window latch catch plate mounted to the main mount attaching bolts. Note the mirror to show the back side view.
dvsf iii 077.jpg